The Brain's Way of Healing

Dr. Norman Doidge's New Book Validates the Foundations of the Feldenkrais Method

Cover Brains way of HealingNorman Doidge, M.D., on his remarkable new book, The Brain's Way of Healing, which details -- through compelling and dramatic personal histories, including two chapters about Moshe Feldenkrais and the application of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education -- the miraculous phenomenon of neuroplastic healing in action.

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Feldenkrais and the Brain

Roger RussellOur human brain is incredibly complex. Intricately networked, and intertwined with our dexterous bodies, our brains coordinate our moving, sensing, feeling and learning. Out of a lifetime of experience laid down in the dynamic networks of our nervous system our sense of who we are and who we can become emerges.

When fashioning his unique movement lessons Moshé Feldenkrais recognized that our sense of ourselves – our self-image – is built on the foundation of our experience of moving.

During the evening presentation at the 2014 FGNA Annual Conference in Washington, DC, Roger Russell explored how awareness of our movement can bring about surprisingly pleasant discoveries about how we can move with proficiency and grace. The intriguing experience of this clever way to extend our movement repertoire raises a question:“How do Feldenkrais lessons work?”

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Learn More About Neuroplasticity

Wendy and DoidgeA delightful interview with Dr. Doidge on Feb 13th, 2015 for CBC's The National. This gives a very approachable summary of some of the findings in the book, "The Brain's Way of Healing". The interview is only 10 minutes.
(this interview does not mention the Feldenkrais Method, but highlights so many possibilities of how the brain changes, the plasticity, that we know so well). Click here to watch CBC with Wendy Mesley

A simple description of Neuroplasticity. The graphics make a big difference. The Sentis Brain Animation Series takes you on a tour of the brain through a series of short and sharp animations. click here to watch Neuroplasticity Animation



Dr. DoidgeThe Noisy Brain. Just one of the topics in this delightful 1-hr interview with Dr. Doidge. Enjoy!
This interview with Dr. Doidge focuses on the underlying principles of brain plasticity and their clinical implications. Although brain plasticity is well-established in the research community it has not yet fully penetrated clinical medicine where old views, which seen the brain as largely fixed in adulthood, make it difficult for new approaches to reach most patients. Click here to listen to the Brain Science Podcast.