2019 Awareness Summit

 During the 2019 Feldenkrais Awareness Summit I was a panelist for two sessions.  
Panel Discussion - Somatics at Large with Rob Black, Gil Kelly and Lavinia Plonka.

Panel Discussion - Neurological Challenges with Deborah Bowes, Rob Black, and Cynthia Allen.

Not only did the Feldenkrais Awareness Summit include incredibly diverse topics, it was free for the first 48 hours after each talk.

While it is free, there will be an option to upgrade for an All Access Pass if you want to listen to all 55 presentations at your leisure. By the way, if you do upgrade at some point in the future, I may receive compensation for that upgrade (which I will appreciate).

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Nine Topics -- Three Presenters & Panel Discussion

Pick and choose your topics or lessons. Sign up soon. 

There are three potent speakers in each track. Here are the topics/Tracks 

Presentations are at 5 pm one day and continue at 6 am and 10 am PDT the next day, followed by a panel discussion at 11 am (MDT). The 6am presentations can be viewed later in the day, as well.

I've noted one talk in each track, for your convenience.

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