About the Method- In Detail


 Thanks to the Institute for making such a fine production, and thanks to Frank.

  What is the Feldenkrais Method? C'est quoi le Feldenkrais ? - Part 1/5 - Interview Dr Frank Wildman


How does the Method work?
Comment marche la méthode Feldenkrais ? - 2/5 - Interview Dr. Frank Wildman



How did Dr. Feldenkrais develop this method? 
Comment Moshe Feldenkrais a-t-il développé sa méthode ? - Part 3/5 - Interview Dr Frank Wildman

About the Feldenkrais Method and Neuroscience. 
Feldenkrais et neuroscience ? - part 4/5 - Interview Dr Frank Wildman



Applications  of the Method and how the Practitioner thinks when doing in the Method.
  La formation Feldenkrais et les champs d'applications - Part 5/5 - Interview Dr Frank Wildman

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