Finding Ease in the Jaw (lying on side)

This lesson is from a recent series using the metaphor of evolutionary development to give a type of sequence of learning about our bodies. 

  For this class, we considered that perhaps the next stage of evolutionary development for our purposes is the development of the jaw.

What is important is that the jaw opens and closes separate from the skull. In the lesson we look at various types of movements to clarify this distinction.


Note: the lesson is recorded with people lying on the back. With minor modification, it can be done lying on the side, or even sitting.

What many people find is that muscles in the back of the head somehow are involved in some of the jaw movements, and conversely, that the jaw muscles somehow inhibit some movements of the head.

By the end of the lesson, you will find that, not only your jaw moves more easily, you will also find your neck is freer, and your head, lighter. Breathing may be easier. Vision may also be easier.

Some people have strong connections between the jaw and emotions, either to strongly express certain emotions, or, more commonly, to inhibit the expression, and even feeling of emotion. Thus, for these, there is a heightened feeling of emotion during and sometimes after the lesson.

If you find unexpected emotions during the lesson, or after, this can help you you recognize the power of your inhibited emotions.  It can be unexpected, it can be a bit frightening, the fist time. Be kind to yourself. 

Listen to the lesson on your ipod/iphone here: