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Self-Fulfillment Through Organic Learning

Dr. Feldenkrais presented this talk at the San Diego Mandala Conference in 1981. The conference that year focused on holistic health and longevity. (Re-printed in Embodied Wisdom: The Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais, Distributed by 

.... I must begin with concrete things. What is self? What is fulfillment? ...

When the Swimmer is Ready

wetsuitIllona Fried is a student in a Feldenkrais Training. She writes regularly about her life experiences, often tying in aspects of her Feldenkrais experience. 

"As recently as this summer, I told my younger brother how I hated wearing a wetsuit. I hated getting into, and getting out of, a wetsuit....

As a Feldenkrais student, I’m curious about how changes to the self-image occur, how it is we can believe a story about ourselves for decades but not forever, or grab tightly to an idea of who we are one month but release it the following.

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