Face-to-Face Classes

Calgary Jewish Centre, 1607 90 Avenue SW
(call 253-8600 to register)

Tuesdays Evenings

April 18

April 3

Please plan to arrive five minutes before your first class to register.

SPECIAL OFFER! For the Ongoing session, the full session fee includes a private lesson, a value of $105!

Drop-ins Welcome. You are welcome to drop-in or to join any time. Allow yourself 5 minutes to register.

Class Recordings. Most classes are recorded, allowing participating students to download and practice on their own time.

What to Wear. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Sometimes the classroom can be cool, so socks are recommended. At the beginning of class you will want to remove jewelry or earrings, belts with buckles and items from your pockets (e.g. keys) which may become uncomfortable. During the class you will remove your glasses.