Workshop Testimonials


I wholeheartedly urge anyone who would like to improve their ease of movement and/or self expression to experience Rob Black's teaching of the Feldenkrais Method.  Rob is an incredibly kind, sensitive, attentive and highly knowledgable teacher who has helped me to find ease in the movements which give my life meaning, and to find strategies to become my own teacher. -- Alex C, Calgary

The things in life that had gotten easier.  "Bending over to pick up the cat toys so we can play ball.  Putting on boots.  Turning to window check when driving.  So much less aching.  Standing and cooking without pain and no pain after cooking.  Moving snow.  Getting in and out of the tub.  Putting on a bra.  Getting up and down from the floor.  Washing the car is so much easier as is vacuuming and cleaning the interior.  So much less pain from flute playing--hurrah! "  This little list tells the story of a life that is so much easier to live and a life that can contain joy and pleasure.  

There is a gradual unfolding as I learned to understand and retrain my body and brain. Old inefficient and harmful habits were replaced by new positive and efficient ones that come to be automatic.  I realized this as I looked at my list of improvements from a year ago since I had forgotten about some of those problems since they have been replaced with smooth pain free movement.  This truly is a process involving the cooperation between the client and the practitioner.  It takes time and effort but it is so very, very rewarding and promises to continue to change my body in many more positive ways.  I am so thankful to have Rob Black and Feldenkrais in my life. -- Hope A, Calgary

I have been attending a weekly class for some years. I go on Tuesday evenings, usually directly from work. What I enjoy about a workshop is that there is more time to really sink into the body awareness and to experience the senses. I am not racing from work, through rush-hour traffic, and then trying to shift into a deeper awareness only to be leaving again in an hour. A workshop is time set aside just for Somatic Awakening. And it is really amazing what patterns and emotions can surface when time is taken to attend a workshop. Not to mention how much better the physical body feels when it has been pampered, recognized and respected over an extended period of time. -- Lucy N, Calgary

Feldenkrais has enriched my life tremendously. My muscles tend to tighten up a lot and Feldenkrais, and of course Rob, helps me to relax or "melt" and I feel so much better and in less pain. It has also made me stronger. As I learn to listen to my body, and learn new ways of moving, I do things differently. I now use my whole body as an integrated whole more of the time, rather than relying on the puny strength of one or two muscles, and that makes everything easier.
It is amazing that such a gentle approach can have such a huge impact! The small movements seem to give the brain a sense of safety so that it doesn't tell the muscles to go into high alarm or habitual holding patterns and instead allows muscles to relax that haven't relaxed in a long time. When the muscles relax, the skeleton can do its job of holding us up, while the muscles can do their job of moving.
My life has truly been enriched through the weekly class and individual sessions with Rob. A workshop is a way of going one step further and getting a lot of gain with no pain in a very short time. In a workshop I attended, I experienced an additive effect in each successive session because new patterns of moving were reinforced in a timely way, and so in three days I was moving in ways I never thought possible for my inflexible body. I highly recommend Feldenkrais and Rob to anyone yearning for a happier, stronger and more comfortable body and self. -- Christine W.