2017 April Articles

The Theme for our April/Spring Newsletter is listening

In all activities, whether walking, running, swimming, playing instruments, to increase proficiency, we need to increase our ability to listen to the body.

2017 May Articles

The Two Sides of Change
Spring shows us the two sides of Change. One day we will see the grass greening and flowers emerging. Yet on the horizon are rain or show. The very next day we can have a good snowfall, suggesting winter has not left.
It is the same with personal change. One moment we feel the budding of new possibilities. And the next, a sense of regressing to previous states.
If this yo-yo shifting has happened for you, take hope in the understanding of spring -- That the weather does change and growth becomes abundant.

2019 Workshop: Coordinating Balance

Stress and tension melt off you during this workshop

Feel more connected with your inner self

Feel more alive

Discover effortless movement

Learn balance and better movement...  Improve performance... Engage life with a sense of balance

Find the feeling of effortless movement and sense of balance arise when all our systems work in an integrated way.

2-day Feldenkrais Workshop, Nov 9 & 10 in Calgary.

Now Available as an online workshop!

Click to register.

We have invited a a special teacher from New York to share with Calgarians a unique way of understanding ourselves which increases our ability to be balanced in life. Anastasi Siotas, is highly recognized world-wide for his teaching and depth of knowledge in many areas. He seamlessly blends his background in dance and marine biology with his curiosity with 21-century anatomy. 

Being in Anastasi's classroom is a unique experience, not to be missed. His vast exposure to the Feldenkrais world and his deep understanding of the human body anatomy come together to "light the mat" with situations and information that enrich our somatic education." -- Eric Ferron

Anastasi’s teaching provides a wonderfully kind and gentle environment for learning. His understanding of the human anatomy combined with his mastery of the feldenkrais material helps students to further their self-exploration in an informed and assured way. -- Alex Cohen

He writes,

The ability to remain balanced in our ever-changing world requires a coordination that is in a state of refinement over our lifetime. The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education provides precise tools for such continuous self-study and leads to ever broader skills that bring more balance to life. The practical movement explorations called Awareness Through Movement® reveal something innate in all human beings; the ability to learn ever more efficient ways of going about any activity of daily life.

Feldenkrais lessons mine the richness of evolutionary and developmental modes of locomotion and unlock their potential for improving ones ability to find ones feet well-grounded while standing tall and moving.

The feeling of effortless movement and sense of balance arises when all our systems; muscular, skeletal and fascial work in an integrated way with our neurology and emotions. No part of our system works more than necessary thus freeing disproportionate tensions that hinder our comfort. Feldenkrais lessons explore the “how” of finding this state of ease and support Biotensegrity: a 21st-century anatomical concept that views all organisms as a complex integration of cellular subsystems. The connection of all of ourselves in everything we do is a principle of the Feldenkrais Method.


This workshop is for you if:

• You are curious about how to improve your sense of ease in life

• You like to learn new useful things

• You want to experience and learn new ways to improve performance (athletics, performing arts, arts, etc.)

• You want to further your understanding of being human

• You would like to be part of a profession that truly helps others achieve

• You are considering a Feldenkrais training and becoming a Feldenkrais Practitioner


Come and join Anastasi, one of the teaching staff of the upcoming Kelowna Feldenkrais Training and discover how you can move into a more balanced and easeful life using the Feldenkrais Method.

About Anastasi Siotas

Anastasi is a Greek-Australian well known for his expertise in structural anatomy gained through studies and teaching in diverse fields such as marine cell biology, modern dance, and biotensegrity. Anastasi completed his Feldenkrais training in Sydney, Australia. In 1997 he moved to New York City where he studied NLP and at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, where he currently teaches Kinesthetic Anatomy. Anastasi has been assisting in the training of new Feldenkrais practitioners in NYC continuously since 1998, as well as working as a visiting assistant trainer for programs in Boston, Baltimore, Vienna/Austria, Tokyo/Japan, Dalian/China, and Greece.  







Watch other videos of Anastasi teaching:


Learn the Principles of Somatic Practice

Learn the Principles of Somatic Practice

Many helping disciplines are imbedding techniques for somatics in their practice because they have found to be so effective.

Through understanding the fundamental principles, a therapist can effectively modify protocols in many therapeutic techniques to benefit their clients.

Techniques of Somatic Practice include:


* Tapping

* Relaxation techniques

* Breathing practices

* Anxiety protocols

* Trauma therapies

* Neurological re-education

* Somatic yoga

* Critical Alignment Therapy

* Pilates

* Many techniques in Physiotherapy

* Dance Therapy

* Play Therapy


* Hypnosis

* Somatic dance practices



The Feldenkrais Method provides a framework for understanding the fundamental principles that produce such effective results.

How to learn more:

A first step can be joining an ongoing Awareness Through Movement class. In the class you will begin the first steps of learning -- that is, attending to yourself.

Another excellent step is to have a series of Functional Integration lessons. In these one-on-one sessions, you will have more personalized attention to learning how you limit yourself, and learn how to find new pathways for ease.

Many people find a multi-day workshop deeply rewarding

Finally, to be able to learn the specifics and understand how to apply them, come to a Feldenkrais Professional Teacher Training