Argentina: Sea Kayak with Whales & Penguins

Kayak Argentina with Whales & Penguins! Oct. 25-31, 2017 Kayak the protective bays of Argentina's UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in the midst of the largest annual congregation of Southern Right Whales for breeding and calving on a professionally guided wilderness sea kayaking trip. Delight in the exhilaration of your close proximity to mothers nursing their calves or mating, right off the beach or at eye level from your sea kayak!

This unique setting allows for the congregation of these massive creatures very close to shore.

Explore Magellanic Penguin, Sea Lion and Elephant Seal colonies along the rocks and beaches of this dramatic setting between endless vistas of earth, sea and sky.

Infuse your body with Shari's Paddle Power with Ease series of Feldenkrais sessions to improve your kayaking skills and your comfort as you refine and optimize your body's ability to effortlessly flow through your liquid environment by kayak.

Recognize and release extra effort that isn't contributing to your endeavors. Activate the power of your core and connect it directly to your paddle for the ultimate joy of gliding through the water among the whales!

Attune yourself to nature, solitude and your sense of discovery as you slip into the rhythm of sun, moon and tides. Refresh every cell in your body as you reunite with the resonance of the wholeness of life. Settle into the deep satisfaction and welcome familiarity of coming home to yourself as your own biology re-calibrates and releases the disruptive pressures of today's world. Breathe in the ocean's negative ions and recognize your return to a healing state while nestling into Mother Earth's nurturing arms.

Appreciate your rising sense of yourself as an integrated whole, in relation to your environment and your newfound tribe.

Request our Info Packet with Registration Forms to join us October 25-31, 2017 for this trip of a lifetime! Contact Shari at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Shari Lee, M.S.

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