Stress & Learning

“Previous research has already shown that stress can prevent the retrieval of memories. But now we have discovered that it also has a major effect on our perception and perceptual learning,” explains Dr Hubert Dinse. A recent study demonstrates how stress disrupts memory and interrupts learning. Medications used in the treatment of immunological and neurological diseases may counteract rehabilitation efforts, which rely on just these mechanisms of memory and learning.



Benefits Of The Feldenkrais® Method For Flautists

learningCaryn Truppman was attracted to this system of exercise and guided movement by her own personal history of injury and recovery. She writes, "Flautists tend to concentrate attention on specific parts of their bodies, such as the hands or fingers and may be unaware of the rest of themselves. A Feldenkrais lesson is designed to shift attention between the body as a whole, and specific parts. For example, if a musician has pain in the back or shoulders when he/she raises the flute, we might extend awareness into the feet and explore balance. This lengthens the back, engages the abdominals, brings the weight forward and changes the habitual way of lifting the flute. Instead of continuing to recreate a pain pattern, one can create a new habit instead." Click to read her article ... and her example lesson.


Sample Teaching in a Rolling Lesson

Rolling from back to side with arms in hoops -- with background thinking about how the movement can be facilitated.  - Click to view this video:

Teaching ATM


When Evidence Says No, But Doctors Say Yes

graphic"Years after research contradicts common practices, patients continue to demand them and doctors continue to deliver. The result is an epidemic of unnecessary and unhelpful treatment." writes David Epstein in ProPublica, February 22, 2017. This extensive article identifies a number of common treatments that have questionable evidence. The dilemma further outlined in the article for the average person is, when these treatments are proposed, if we question them, some medical practitioners react strongly. This article opens the debate and confirms any scepticism you may have (click to read)


The Ground Beneath the Sky Above: Ajijic, Mexico

March 5-12. Ajijic, Mexico. The Ground Beneath the Sky Above a transformative Feldenkrais retreat

Slow down Mexico style and dive into the rich underground of your life... 

Together we will weave an experience that allows insights and changes throughout your entire being. Private retreat center outside of Ajijic, Mexico. Seven nights of bliss, 22 hours of facilitation, one day at the healing hot springs and one entirely free day for local culture.

Instructors Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells have a rich background in leading workshops and retreats.
For more information, click here. 


The Alchemy of Movement and Presence

January 14 - 21.  It’s Like Magic! The Alchemy of Movement and Presence. In Florida with Lavinia Plonka..

Webster’s defines alchemy as “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.”  
This workshop will help you unlock the hidden patterns you carry: in your posture, facial expressions, breath, 
even your gestures, empowering your personal transformation.

Combining Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, Alba Method explorations, Cortical Field Re-integration, the arts and much, much more, you will come away enriched and inspired.

Lavinia and Judy will bring their combined years of study and teaching in a a powerful synthesis of embodiment practices. You will not find this combination of ideas and training anywhere else in the world.
For more info, click here.  


Why Saying Is Believing — The Science Of Self-Talk

self TalkBody Image is a complex topic. Often we think it is limited to how we picture ourselves. Research with persons with eating disorders often have significantly inaccurate representations of the shape of their bodies. But what if we go a step further, to the statements we make about ourselves. For example, the bulimic person may say "I'm too fat".

Psychologist Ethan Kross of the University of Michigan studied the pronouns people use when they talk to themselves silently, inside their minds.

"What we find," Kross says, "is that a subtle linguistic shift — shifting from 'I' to your own name — can have really powerful self-regulatory effects." (click to read more)


Argentina: Sea Kayak with Whales & Penguins

Kayak Argentina with Whales & Penguins! Oct. 25-31, 2017 Kayak the protective bays of Argentina's UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in the midst of the largest annual congregation of Southern Right Whales for breeding and calving on a professionally guided wilderness sea kayaking trip. Delight in the exhilaration of your close proximity to mothers nursing their calves or mating, right off the beach or at eye level from your sea kayak! For more information, Contact Shari Lee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to her website (click here).

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Kayak Cuba

February 3-10, 2017 KAYAK CUBA! "Paddle Power" Feldenkrais Retreat

Sea Kayak beautiful aquamarine bays of the Caribbean Sea, 8 Day/7 Night

Enjoy Feldenkrais & Bones for Life "Paddle Power" Group & Individual Movement Sessions with Shari Lee while awash in sunshine, captivated by turquoise bays, white sand beaches, magical lagoons dappled with islands & majestic mountain lakes.  Snorkel crystal clear waters, splash in waterfalls & swim in natural pools for a refreshing dip. 
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Other Offerings by Shari Lee

Shari Lee's Travel Offerings

Galapagos Feldenkrais® & Bones for Life® Retreat & Eco-Adventure

Evolution of Movement - from Wild to Mild! November 17-24, 2017

Relax...Revive...Restore and Explore Machu Picchu & More! Discover Peru's Living Traditions & Remote Ruins with Shari Lee on this FELDENKRAIS®, Bones for Life® & Walk For Life® Retreat & Eco-Adventure November 9-15, 2017

Visit to see where we've been!

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Introduction to the Method - Chicago

Myra Ping, a Feldenkrais practitioner in Chicago, says that when teens and adults come to her they often describe having a problem moving one part of their body, sometimes accompanied by pain. “The traditional medical model looks directly at the area that the individual perceives as the problem, while Feldenkrais work is a whole-body experience,” she says. “The root of the movement dysfunction, such as a stiff neck, may come from the way the person is positioning their whole trunk or the way they are sitting on their pelvis or the way they are positioning their knees when they are standing.”

She explains that Feldenkrais work helps to peel away the layers of restricted movement habits that have come as a result of injury, illness or the emotional or physical stresses of everyday life so that people can move more freely and with a sense of wonder, the way they did as a young children.

To read more, click here.


Improve Yourself, Improve Your Life

When you know you need a change, but you’re not sure where to get started...

The Houstonia had a recent article about the Feldenkrais Method. "“No stretching, no pushing, no trying.” That’s the refrain of instructor MaryBeth Smith as she leads a half dozen students through the Feldenkrais Method in a drafty room inside the Jung Center. Smith speaks in a soft, even tone, offering just enough instruction to keep me focused and mindful."

"it’s like anti-yoga. And yet at the end of each series, Smith directs us to return to lying flat and feel how the pattern of pressure of our bodies against the floor has changed." Click to read how.



Do You Know Where Your Fingers Are?

LaviniaLavinia Plonka writes, "The other day, I was teaching a lesson that put the hand into what some people call "backbend" position, a term which is unfamiliar for many. So I suggested that people place the hand on the floor with the fingers pointing toward the shoulder.
One woman had her fingers placed exactly right. However, she said, "That's impossible! I can't point my fingers toward my shoulders! They're pointed towards the wall!" (click to read what happened next!)


Connecting Phenomenology and Anatomy

PhenomanatomicalMatt Zepellin writes, "approaching stillness in meditation can be greatly helped through the kind of anatomical-phenomenological practice methods..." and so in connecting Phenomenology and Anatomy, he coined the word, "Phenomanatomical", which opens the discussion of "the role of scientifically derived information and imagery in phenomenological practice." Zeppelin identifies certain paradoxes in direct experience of anatomy, including how one can be mindful when direct experience is not possible. Click to read more.


Your Sixth Sense: Boone, NC

May 4 - 7, Boone, NC. Your Sixth Sense: The Key To Joyful Living with Lavinia Plonka.

 On the Sixth Sense Retreat you will experience a nurturing, delightful exploration of your possibilities and be guided on a joyful journey to the self. Through the renowned Feldenkrais Method® and Alba Method you will be more in tune with your body, awaken your kinesthetic senses and enjoy enhanced vitality. You will gain greater self-awareness and self-expression and learn to “sense” yourself from how your feet hit the ground to how your eyes receive the world. Return home refreshed, relaxed and more present to receive the life you deserve.

For more information, click here. 


The Journey Within (January, 2017)

Jan 16 - 20. The Journey Inward. Valladolid, Mexico. 

Enjoy the sights, get healthy and learn Feldenkrais during this 4th Annual Yucatan workshop. We are excited to invite you to Valladolid to indulge yourself in a Feldenkrais intensive as well as enjoy a consciousness shift in the laid back local culture. There are a variety of places and prices for your stay. 

The Journey Inward is a process that guides us in developing a deeper connection to our thinking, sensing, feeling and moving. Participants will be guided in this process using the innovative and unique movement sequences of the Feldenkrais Method®. Your Guide, Diana Razumny is an internationally certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Trainer. Diana’s playfulness and love of movement give a special quality to her teaching.

Valladolid, in central Mexico, is half way between Cancun and Merida. Learn about this cool little village rich with culture.  
For more information, click here.


2017 Resolutions

Happy New YearMy colleague, MaryBeth Davison Smith connected many of our ideas of the New Year with the ways of growth and accomplishment in the Feldenkrais Method:

Many people begin a new year with big plans. In true Feldenkrais fashion, though, I would encourage you to make a small plan. Something very modest. Something you are pretty sure you can accomplish within a couple of weeks: small-ish. Perhaps 

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