About the FELDENKRAIS Method

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD was developed by Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais (pictured at right). For more information about Dr. Feldenkrais, see: a short Biography.

Free from habitual patterns that constrain you, you feel better, more able to enjoy the quality of your life. Because the FELDENKRAIS METHOD integrates movement with thinking, feeling and sensing, it can also expand your potential in other areas.

The Method shows you how to learn from your body. It doesn't leave you dependent on a practitioner or specific program. Instead, it gives you the means to take charge of your own care and improvement. When you help yourself, the results are not just remedial. You begin a continuing process of change -- shifting out of old habits and into useful new ones.

The FELDENKRAIS Method does not require weeks or months to show results. You notice changes after (or even during) your first session.
The Method is not an exercise. But it enhances any form of exercise, making it easier and more efficient and enjoyable. If you already perform at a high level, FELDENKRAIS will help you maximize your ability.

As Mary Weiner says, "As a human consciousness, we are not wired in to one way of creating our experience of the world. Our minds are plastic and flexible and can shift to different paradigms or modes of perception--each of which has its own way of experiencing and creating a world of experience in which we have different possibilities for action."