So Much More than Movement


moving with more variety, moving with more grace and moving with more spontaneity. It means tapping back into one’s inner compulsion to move when there’s been too much stillness and rest when there’s been too much movement. It means getting back to knowing one’s self and trusting the cues we receive from our internal landscapes."

I LOVE reading The Elusive Obvious!

The book is only available in Hardback format; which brings me a special kind of sensorial gratification. 

As I hold the book in my hands, I can feel the strength of the binding and the subtle texture beneath my fingertips. The simplicity of the firm black and white cover delights my minimalist spirit as the title begs me to delve into a koan-istic approach to moving and learning.

From The Book:

“There is practically no limit to the quality of performance that Awareness Through Movement will not transcend. The process of self-direction is being improved, and not any particular movement. The particular achievement is incidental and is a prize gained for better learning.” (pg. 110)

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