Introduction to the Method - Chicago

Myra Ping, a Feldenkrais practitioner in Chicago, says that when teens and adults come to her they often describe having a problem moving one part of their body, sometimes accompanied by pain. “The traditional medical model looks directly at the area that the individual perceives as the problem, while Feldenkrais work is a whole-body experience,” she says. “The root of the movement dysfunction, such as a stiff neck, may come from the way the person is positioning their whole trunk or the way they are sitting on their pelvis or the way they are positioning their knees when they are standing.”

She explains that Feldenkrais work helps to peel away the layers of restricted movement habits that have come as a result of injury, illness or the emotional or physical stresses of everyday life so that people can move more freely and with a sense of wonder, the way they did as a young children.

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