2017 Resolutions

it's finally taking those bags of clothing to Goodwill. Maybe your resume needs an update, or there's been some errand on your list of to-do's for too long. As you make the check mark after that plan is completed, you'll have a good experience to support your self-image as being "someone who gets things done." Then, make another small plan. If you feel daunted because your plan seems too big, think about this: That big plan is really just a bunch of small plans, sewn together. Figure out the pieces, and start on one. Work one, then the next, then the next until you have completed the Big Plan. Who knows what you'll want to tackle next?

The little system outlined above really works! "Despise not small beginnings." Whether you want to improve your gait, or relieve your neck pain, or manage anxiety in stressful situations, the Feldenkrais Method can help you find the small daily actions that lead to big changes. It has never been easier to get started!

MaryBethMaryBeth is the Director of the Feldenkrais® Center of Houston, and is a nationally recognized authority on the improvement of human potential and performance. Her clients include business leaders, actors, dancers, teachers, athletes, members of the clergy, vocal and instrumental musicians, senior citizens, and people experiencing a variety of difficulties, including fibromyalgia, MS, stroke recovery, eating disorders, and gender reassignment. And she has a wonderful sense of humour. When in Houston, look her up. Come to her website, https://houstonfeldenkrais.com/ You'll be glad you did.