If you get all Twisted in the Holiday Season...

Some of us get a little twisted out of shape at this time of year. Emotional knots; rushing; extra hopes and expectations. And all this gets translated into the body, viscerally and physically.
There is nothing like a Feldenkrais class or Individual Session to help us feel our inner rhythm so we can be more in tune with our true selves.

In this short newsletter you can discover the upcoming classes, and availability for individual (FI) sessions. Further, as always, some links to fascinating ideas and experiences.




Rare Video of Dr Feldenkrais

Curious about how Dr. Feldenkrais taught classes?

In this video hear Dr. Feldenkrais instruct about some ideas on improving turning. He introduces it with some "silly" rules:

"Do what you can, and don't do it correctly; don't do it nicely" and the lesson unfolds. Click to watch. (it is on Facebook)


Turn into the New Year

Get the kinks out, feel more ready for life! The Tuesday evening class resumes January 9, 2018 with a new theme of twisting and turning.

This continues the themes from earlier. Whether you have cranky hips, stiff low back, grumbling shoulders, complaining jaws, touchy toes, you will find something in each class that eases your discomfort.
Click for class information.


Child's Play - Uneven Surfaces

It is all fun, whether you can stay on the wobbly bean, or get dumped off.
I particularly notice their attitude of fun and curiosity. So often adults have very different approaching attitudes. Some attitudes lead to tightening and loss of balance, even fear. How could we regain the fun of such activities? What would be the effect on other parts of our lives?
Click to watch the children playing (Facebook video)]


Move with Grace & Ease

A beautiful video created in Italy is available worldwide for our appreciation. Francesco Fabiano of Genova, Italy has produced a masterful experience, with the timing and colours of a renaissance masterpiece! There is no dialogue, only sparse phrases (in Italian) so everyone can enjoy. [Click to view]v.


Moshe at Esalen (1972)

What was it like to be in Esalen in 1972 participating in a special workshop with the top persons in the burgeoning field of Human Potential, taught by Dr. Feldenkrais? Judith Stransky was there. In a rare interview with Larry Goldfarb she about her experiences with Dr. Feldenkrais, the classes, the individual sessions, and more. Fascinating! Click for more information and to listen.