December, 2018 Newsletter

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I took this photo on November 1 - deer on my neighbors lawn. They have been part of our morning or afternoons ever since.

Concepts are not Reality

  Can you find the Figures?

Sometimes I think of my Feldenkrais practice as looking between the obvious structures.

Can we say that the figures are not there just because there is no solid object?

It is a bit the same as our talking about the Nervous System, and systems thinking, in general. (click to read a bit more)

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Parkinsons and Tango

 Parkinsons De-Tangled

Somehow, when a person with Parkinson's Disease begins to follow the rhythm in dance (such as the Tango), the shuffling gait smooths out and graceful, easy movements emerge. This video shows wonderful examples.


Seeing Clearly

This internationally acclaimed program is designed to help you improve your eye-health and vision. 

Now available via Download, Streaming on Demand, or Complete Boxed-Set. Click here for more details or to order.


Hands On Demo

Stephanie Menase, a practitioner in Paris, has created a delightful 15-minute summary of an individual Feldenkrais lesson, which we call Functional Integration. She used a doll to highlight a lesson with a 55-year old man. the changes that the man experiences are highlighted by the use of the doll. (click to read more)

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Pelvic Health

A new video with Dr. Deborah Bowes describes her CD series, Pelvic Health and Awareness, how the series helps a variety of urinary and related problems, including increased sexual function.

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Shoulder Movements

Curious about the movements of the bones of the shoulder. In this simulation of the movements of the shoulder girdle. you can see the major bones and how they articulate. (This was created in 2007). Click on the image to run the video.



Crooked - A Great Book to read, to gift/re-gift

Fariya Doctor, a practitioner in St. Catherines, ON, writes,

"Caroline came to me after reading the book “Crooked". Like the author, Caroline had suffered on and off with back pain for decades. Reading this book was a real revelation for Caroline." Read more about Caroline's remarkable discoveries with Fariya.

The inspiration for Crooked emerged from the personal experience of Cathryn Jakobson Ramin. She writes, "I’d struggled with backache and sciatica for years. Like millions of other back pain sufferers, I was overwhelmed with ill-defined options for treatment. Which would work?"

What is great is she gives the Feldenkrais Method a thumbs up! Read the summary in the New York Times.



  'Mindfulness' is everywhere these days and often associated with a sitting meditation practice. Another avenues for exploring mindfulness is the Feldenkrais Method®. Marsha Novak gives an overview of the mindful practices in the Feldenkrais Method. 

In the same issue, Seth Dellinger writes about how "creativity is one of the central components of the experience of being human".

Margot Schaal writes that the essential aspect of being human is the ability to make decisions. Whether it be when to turn the head, or which path to take to work, or larger life decisions.

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