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About the Method

Many people are initially drawn to the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of Somatic Education for its cost-effective benefits. The FELDENKRAIS METHOD is a gentle way to begin the process of becoming aware of oneself, developing intentionality and them becoming able to move intentionally in the space of one's choice.

  • reduce pain
  • reduce stress
  • increase well-being
  • increase flexibility

Further, in the Awareness Through Movement™ (or ATM®) classes of FELDENKRAIS Method, you learn to improve, developing your sense of ease, increasing your Kinaesthetic Intelligence and reduce the effects of daily stress.

Join the ATM classes for developing your sense of ease, increasing your Kinaesthetic Intelligence and reducing the effects of daily stress.


About Your Somatic Journey

Life is a somatic journey. A journey of thoughts and feelings, memories, actions, reflections. From birth to death, this somatic aspect of ourselves unfolds. 

Making a difference by

  • becoming aware of the journey and recognizing the space
  • developing intentionality
  • becoming able to intentionally be in a space.


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Deepen Your Awareness. A great deal of writing about the Feldenkrais Method emphasizes the connection between movement and feeling.  However, Dr. Feldenkrais noted that there are four modes of the conscious state, sensation, feeling, thought, and movement. Thus, it is possible to consider the links between each pairing, and create this changing image: 



Rob Black, BA MSc, GCFP

Guild Certified  FELDENKRAIS® Practitioner

in Calgary, Alberta

  (403) 680-2908
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About Rob

Rob Black graduated from his Feldenkrais training program in 1991 and has maintained a private practice since, in addition to being a counsellor at a college in Calgary, Alberta. Rob is past-President of FGNA and has contributed significant to the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) and the IFF’s Feldenkrais Materials programs.

Prior to his Feldenkrais training, Rob’s initial training was in psychology, computer programming and statistics, leading to a Masters in Educational Measurement, followed soon after with training in biofeedback at the California Pain Control Centre in Long Beach, CA. Rob continues to apply his interest in things digital to his Feldenkrais interests, not the least of which being an early adopter and advocate of online teaching. This has been an important combination of skills as co-organizer of the Kelowna Feldenkrais Teacher Training that began online in 2021.

A proud co-organizer of the Kelowna Feldenkrais Teacher Training