The Lightness of Being, The Joy of Learning

This is a unique opportunity to study with a top professional, an internationally recognized teacher who comes to us from Australia.
In each location, the workshop has two topics, one for each day.

Day One – Through sensing the support of your skeleton, how does this change your sense of yourself and your possibilities moving and acting in the world? ……In other words, find your ‘lightness of being’!
Day Two – Learning to Learn – we are all learning beings throughout our lives, and our ability to understand the HOW of learning can greatly influence our quality of acting and interacting in the world. 

Come along and:

  • explore ways of ‘finding’ your skeleton, and find the lightness, ease and possibilities that come as a result.
  • find ways to enrich and enhance your life and discover the wonder of becoming a lifelong learner.

The workshop will be co-led with Rob Black.


Dates: March 14 & 15; 9:30 - 4:30

Location: Westgate Community Hall 
        4943 - 8 Avenue Southwest

Fees: $170 (until Feb 23; after: $190)

Single-day fee: $100

About Julie

Julie Peck, Author, Trainer, internationally acclaimed teacher, is highly recognized the world-over. Julie comes from Perth, Australia as part of a cross-Canada tour promoting the Kelowna Feldenkrais Teacher Training.

Julie is recognized for creating deeply enriching experiences which will enhance your thinking, how your move and how you interact with your world.

Julie is a master teacher. All who participate in her workshops and trainings leave with a deeper sense of self-trust and new ideas to explore in their development.



Newsletter, Feb 10



Mark your calendar the wonderful workshop with Julie Peck on March 14 & 15.

Julie is a delightful Feldenkrais teacher. She is warm, thoughtful, with a systemic understanding of learning. All participants will discover many new ways of being in this workshop.



Get to know Julie through this Free lesson

At the beginning of this gentle lesson, Julie invites us to observe the outline of our body, and then to observe the places that touch the floor. At the end of the lesson Julie brings us back to these images to allow us to compare what has changed, has become refined. In between, Julie invites us to move in increasingly effortless ways; and she also gives us suggestions on how we can think about what we are doing.

Julie called it A Beginner's Lesson. Click to listen or download.


Our Self Image

Dr. Feldenkrais wrote, "Each person has an impression of his own manner of speaking, walking, and carriage which seems personal and immutable-- the only possible way..."

More importantly, "he identifies himself with this image."

And so the self image is more than a passive "impression", it is somehow intertwined with each of our sense of ourselves.

Dr. Feldenkrais proposes a process to learn more about what is happening: "... so that one may actually feel the conditions and possibilities I am describing."

He advises the reader,

"Lie down on your back; mentally and methodically scan your entire body.

You will discover that you can concentrate on certain parts more easily than others, ... you usually will not have consciousness of these other parts during an action."

The critical observation is that "In fact, certain parts almost never figure in the self-image during action." When parts are not included in the self-image, then disfunction is the outcome. Click to read more about the Self Image

I am delighted to be assisting Julie Peck in teaching a two-day workshop in Calgary.

Julie lives in Perth, Australia. She is making a cross-Canada tour promoting the Kelowna Feldenkrais Training which starts in June of this year.

Julie creates deeply enriching learning experiences. Each day of the workshop is a different topic - accommodating single-day registrations. However, we encourage you to come for both to really integrate the learning.

The "Early Bird" fee is only $170 so don't delay.** [Click for more information.

The workshop will be at the Westgate Community Hall in a pleasant residential area ([4943-8 Ave SW Calgary, click for GoogleMap).

I anticipate that we will have the building to ourselves. There is a kitchen with refrigerator space, and lots of open space, outside. Restaurants are within 5 minutes (driving).

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