Rather than tell the reader about this amazing capability of the human brain, Dr. Doidge's masterful storytelling shows it, both the process and the results -- endorsing and convincingly substantiating the principles of the Feldenkrais Method.

Norman Doidge's new book is a fascinating discussion on Neuroplasticity -- how the brain changes itself, and, as a result, is a sophisticated, unique and gentle form of healing. Chapters 5 and 6 are about the Feldenkrais Method, and how Feldenkrais lessons enhance processes in the brain that enable this healing. "This description, by the way, is probably the best description available" said Robert Black, FGNA President. "This milestone publication should be on every Feldenkrais Method practitioner's reading list, to share and discuss with clients and peers."

Charles Euchner, writing in The Boston Globe, said, "In this age of distraction and unnatural environments and actions -- like staring at screens all day -- brain science offers all kinds of useful techniques to care for our infinitely complex selves. Norman Doidge's work is a Michelin Guide to this hopeful new trove of knowledge and insight" -- a trove where the Feldenkrais Method now brightly shines.