Embodied Music® – the Feldenkrais Method for Musicians. Aliza Stewart starts her discussion with the inquiry, "Have you ever observed how very young children respond to music – with rhythmic movement, with sounds, with all sorts of other movements?"

Part two of the article gives two embodied music experiments ( Click to read further). Feldenkrais For Musicians. Further information and some free lesson ideas from Aliza

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Ilana Nevill, of the United Kingdom recounts meeting Sara in May, 2004. "Sarah is a ‘born musician’ who transmits something very special to any audience, no matter whether she is playing the cello or the accordion. Employed by a number of exciting travelling theatre companies, she lugs one or both of these big instruments from town to town, from theatre to theatre, from stage to stage, inspiring actors and audiences with her extraordinary musicianship. Sarah’s demanding life-style was not helped by the pain that kept recurring in her left arm. When she consulted a doctor she was told she needed to do exercises in order to strengthen her stomach muscles so as to cope better with the big instruments." ... "At the beginning of her 4th session (nearly 10 months after the 1st) Sarah reported a sense of amazing liberation from previously hampering conditioned habits..." Click to read more.

Ilana Nevill also recounts the story of Connie. "In spring 1998 Connie made up her mind to find out if the Feldenkrais Method could help her return to playing without unbearable pain stopping her after a few minutes. ", She continued, "The first lesson started with Connie playing a little tune on the piano. I could see immediately that only her arms and shoulder-girdle moved while her pelvis remained quite still. As the session proceeded Connie discovered that it was possible to let go of useless tension in her legs and a habitually tight jaw. When Connie played the piano at the end of the session her pelvis and breastbone began participating in her action and everything - even the sound coming from the instrument - seemed to flow a little more freely." click to read more.

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Here are some recent videos about the ways that musicians benefit with the Feldenkrais Method


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Many musicians have neck challenges. Here are some suggestions:


Two-minute "exercise" by Lori Makkoff

22-minute lesson with David Zemach-Bersin

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