A recommended Audio Tape for beginners, which has several short, very practical lessons: Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method can be ordered from FELDENKRAIS Resources (800) 765-1907. (ask for Volume I Item #1999 $29 USD Volume II Item #2000 $29 USD)

On-line Sample Lessons

Lavinia's Lesson of the Month. Each month Lavinia Plonka explores a delightful new lesson in improving the quality of life. See: Lavinia's Downloads 


Awareness Heals by Steven Shafarman. Addison-Wesley publishing. $18.95. ISBN: 0-201-69469-7. Copies are available at major bookstores in Calgary (Chapters/Indigo)

The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement by Frank Wildman, PhD ISBN 1-889618-75-6 Softcover, 188 pages $14.95 ($4.50 s/h) USD Available from the Movement Studies Institute, (800) 342-3424.

Mindful Spontaneity, by Ruthy Alon. $24.95 USD Available from the Feldenkrais Guild (800) 775-2118.

Relaxercize by and David Zemach-Bersin and Mark Reese $23.00 USD. Available from the Feldenkrais Guild (800) 775-2118.

Audio programs for the beginner (From: FELDENKRAIS RESOURCES: (800) 765-1907)

Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method by Elizabeth Beringer and David Zemach-Bersin. (Volume I Item #1999 $29 USD Volume II Item #2000 $29 USD)

Embodied Learning: Focus on Knees and Ankles: Series 1 (by Elizabeth Beringer) Item #2001 $40 USD

The Grammar Of Spontaneity: Volume I (by Ruthy Alon) Item #1045 $55 USD

Video Tapes

ATM Video Series I (1-4) by Stephen Rosenholtz PhD Four Video tapes series available, each with four lessons per tape. $39.95 USD Available from the Feldenkrais Guild (800) 775-2118.


Learning for Health. http://learningforhealth.com

Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education. http://www.feldenkraissf.com/

Institute for the Study of Somatic Education: www.feldnet.com

Lavinia Plonka: http://www.laviniaplonka.com

The FELDENKRAIS GUILD of North America: www.feldenkrais.com

Movement Studies Institute: www.movementstudies.com

Feldenkrais Resources: www.feldenkrais-resources.com

Uncommon Sensing: www.uncommonsensing.com

The International FELDENKRAIS Federation: www.feldenkrais-method.org