Children with Cerebral Palsy.

Many parents have found the Feldenkrais Method to be particularly beneficial for children with CP. In this video, the mother of triplets talks about how the Feldenkrais Method has helped her daughter, Ellie.  She described Ellie as having "...a great sense of humour, a quick mind, and a good heart". It is wonderful to hear the mother describing the strengths of her child, first. 


Mia Segal Teaching Intention, Differentiation and Integration

What is the function of reaching? In this excerpt from a Feldenkrais training, master teacher Mia Segal demonstrates with a student with multiple sclerosis. The question (and implicit function) she poses to the student is, "How can you extend your arm more fully?" She shows clearly how the student is unaware of the ways that her body limits her range, and she shows her how her body can become more engaged to be able to extend more fully and gracefully. (4:56 mins)

Mia Segal was the first person trained by Dr. Feldenkrais. Later he invited 13 people to participate in his first training (see next video).

Early Feldenkrais: The original 13 teachers.

Starting in 1969, Dr. Feldenkrais invited 13 people to learn about his revolutionary Method. This Youtube video is an excerpt from a one-hour video produced in Israel with interviews with some of the teachers, as well as some interesting video footage of his training, and their own work.

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