25 May, 2015- Found on the Web this week:
About the Feldenkrais Method. Susan HillierAssociate Professor: Neuroscience and Rehabilitation at University of South Australia, writes, "

The Feldenkrais Method is a way of exploring movement, posture and breathing through hands-on touch, used by dancers, musicians, athletes, actors and people living with and rehabilitating from a range of illnesses and injuries. Terms integral to the method such as awareness and integration are not easy concepts. Click to read more.

Running, walking ideas with Jae Gruenke, The Balanced Runner™ US, writes,
"Things are starting to come full circle. When I started working with runners in 2002, the dominant belief about running form was still old school: everybody has their own natural form they were born with, and you shouldn't try to change it or you might get hurt. Danny Dreyer of ChiRunning and Nicholas Romanov of Pose Technique were making some headway in changing this but there was a long way to go. 
Then came the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, and within a couple of years the dominant belief reversed completely. Improving your running form became the most important thing you could do to prevent injury and run your best. After a handful of years, though, it became clear that a lot of people were getting hurt trying to force themselves to run differently (mostly working on their own rather than using a program like Chi or Pose or coming to see me). And furthermore the research into the relationship between different running styles (well, different footstrikes and footwear at least) and injury continued and yielded more complex results. 
And now, as shoe designs swing back to more cushioning, thinking about running form is heading back towards the "stick with what you're born with" view, with the coining of the new phrase "signature stride" and ever more popular recommendation from health and fitness professionals that you stick with what you're doing, it may be good after all.
I have a special take on this as a Feldenkrais practitioner who believes there is a right way to run! click to read more.

 May 3.
I received a free recording this past week from Alan Questel, a highly acclaimed Feldenkrais Practitioner who has produced a number of CD series. The recording is from his Balance CD set and is very interesting. I uploaded the recording onto the class site. I encourage you to subscribe to his newsletter - each month you get a free recording (http://www.alanquestel.com)

Try an interesting variation on learning how to find freedom in the neck by Feldenkrais Practitioner, Oli Wiles. Enjoy!https://youtu.be/R_4h_QQe5ds
Another Video this week, by my friend David Sullivan, in New Zealand.
He calls this, "Sit Better in 5 Minutes". https://youtu.be/UtCnFWtWxyM
Have you checked out my FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/somaticjourneys -- lots of videos and interesting hints.
April 28.
Some great  online articles this week:
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus" - this quote by Mark Twain is the jumping-off point for Julie France's musings on Give Yourself Options. (see: http://howtodoanythingbetter.today/23-give-yourself-options/)

A simple way to understand Neuroplasticityhttps://youtu.be/ELpfYCZa87g (also on my Facebook Page)
Feldenkrais Moves Me | Laurie & Migraine Pain Buffy Owens continues to explore creative ways to present visually what the speaker is saying. In this short video, Laurie Johnson talks about her experience with how her migraines reduce when she does the Feldenkrais Method. Thanks, Buffy! https://youtu.be/hD-1OIfd3Kw
Video of people exploring a movement. It is fascinating to see how each, starting from a same directions, finds her own interpretation according to her needs. When we are learning,
 there is no "right" and "wrong". While the speaker is Italian, movement is universal.https://www.facebook.com/somaticjourneys
My brilliant and creative colleague, Allison Rapp just created an infographic of the Health Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method. It's simple, easy to read. Also on my facebook page, Photos area.  
Feb 10, 2015
Especially for Musicians. John Tarr, a musician, recorded some short, 20-minute lessons in a sitting position for his music students. http://www.somaticvitality.org/about/my-story/how-you-can-work-with-me/musicians/
Why I Do Feldenkrais Instead of Yoga. | elephant journal. Ilona Fried, a long-term Yoga enthusiast, describes her process in deciding to do Feldenkrais instead. She is now in her 2nd year of a Feldenkrais training. The article has been somewhat controversial. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/02/why-i-do-feldenkrais-instead-of-yoga/
Does Stretching Really Work? Research is now pretty clear that stretching does not improve flexibility nor does it significantly assist performance (as in racing).  Two articles that describe the physiology are: 
Why Your Muscles Get Sore (and What You Can Do About It)
. An interesting article that dispels a number of explanations and remedies. If they touch on your favourite remedy, sorry. 
The Brain from Top to Bottom. From McGill University. http://thebrain.mcgill.ca/index.php