Continuing from Part 2, sitting at the front of a chair, with your feet flat on the floor.

  1. Turn and look over your right shoulder. Notice how far you can comfortably turn. and compare how far you turn to look over your left shoulder. Notice any pulling in the neck, upper back or shoulders.

    Which side is easier?

  2. This time, you will turn to the easier side. 
  3. Put both hands on your chin (like the child, at right), with your elbows hanging down and touching each other. Turn your whole self in the direction to the easy side... and stay there.
    • Keeping your head in place, simply turn your eyes back to center, and return.
    • Can you keep your eyes following a horizontal line?
    • Do not rush... can you imagine your eyes following an ant walking towards the center, and back.
    • allow your breath to relax
  4. Now relax your arms, and turn to each side again.
    Notice that each side may be easier... but you may notice quite a change in the side that was more uncomfortable. How much further did you turn? 

How did this happen? We often limit the range of our eyes due to stiffness in our neck. Here we allowed the eyes to float freely, while supporting the head. The body (or body/mind), in realizing that they eyes could relax, then allowed freedom in the neck.

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