In conversation with a young woman serving at a restaurant in the mountains recently, I learned that she was not enjoying the mountain activities because her balance was not good and she had low back pain from standing for so long.

I shared with her the first half of this lesson, and in about a minute she found her balance improved and her back was more relaxed. She repeated it on the other leg and a great smile emerged.


Not only was her balance better, and her back, as well -- she realized she could do this lesson anywhere, unobtrusively!

 You will only need to be able to cross your legs while having a little support beside you, as I show in the photo at left. Then follow the directions in the 4-minute recording, below. 

After you do it once, you will have it memorized, and you can do it anywhere.

At the end, walk around, notice the changes on your back, hips and legs. Go back to what you were doing... and notice the ease.

--- let me know your results!


Click to listen to the lesson


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