Winter, 2020 Class

Get the kinks out, feel more ready for life! The Tuesday evening class starts January 7.

The New Year is a time of change, returning to learning. As we move more into winter, there is the dropping away of the bursts of energy and expansion so much apart of summer, and a turning inward, toward reflection.

Whether you have cranky hips, stiff low back, grumbling shoulders, complaining jaws, touchy toes, you will find something in each class that eases your discomfort and gives you a sense of optimism for the year.

What is your way of increasing your sense of health and vitality? Come experience the  Feldenkrais Method, which has helped so many to resolve back pain & enjoy life again. With or without back pain, you can benefit from this class. 

In this class you will discover new ways for the possibilities of movement to begin to flow from your center, along your limbs, to your hands and feet.  Experience the possibility of moving with comfort and ease.

In order to be able to do this, you will do gentle movements under guided instruction and with awareness. These will be done while sitting, standing and lying on the floor.

All you need to attend this class is a desire to learn new ways of moving. All movements can be modified for individual needs.

The weekly series continues on Tuesday evenings,  starting Tuesday January 7 at 7 pm for 1 hour

 Calgary Jewish Centre, 1607 90 Avenue SW
(call 403-253-8600 to register)

Fee: the usual fees are: CJC Members: $140; non-members: $160. Drop-ins welcome. Drop-in Fee: $16. Register at the front desk.

Please plan to arrive five minutes before your first class to register.

Bring: a large towel.

What to Wear. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Sometimes the classroom can be cool, so socks are recommended.

At the beginning of class you will want to remove jewelry or earrings, belts with buckles and items from your pockets (e.g. keys) which may become uncomfortable. During the class you will remove your glasses. 


Class #1:


Class #2:

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