Gentle Breath-Class
Gentle Breath-Class

Gentle Breath (I)

In this 3-class series of 30-minute lessons you will learn how you breathe -- from the inside out. In the FeldenkraisĀ® approach, we do not prescribe "proper" ways of doing things. Instead, we allow an organic learning to arise that can undo ineffective corrective ways, allowing more ease and natural breath.
You will be able to do the class sitting in a chair, lying on your bed, or lying on the floor -- any position that you find relaxing.
For those who experience tension or anxiety, you will find a great easing of stress.
Those with neck and jaw challenges will relish the time to be present -- and will find hints on how to extend the pain-free periods.
Some people will find this to be the beginning of a series of explorations of whole-body movements, always using the ideas in these lessons as a way to learn new ways of ease.

Gentle Breath (I) is a beginning.
It will be held on three successive Mondays at 9:30 am from Sept 20 to Oct 4.