Discovering the magic of your body's ability to change.

People feel immediate and surprising results from the lessons, including relaxation, feeling taller and lighter, greater vitality, strength and balance.

In the following videos you get a sense of the very special experience in an Awareness Through Movement® class. 

In Awareness Through Movement (or ATM®) classes, I lead you verbally through delightful movement patterns, some familiar, some novel. The lessons gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity. Each lesson may also invite you to explore breathing, thinking, sensing and imagining with your moving. Dressed in ordinary, comfortable clothing, you begin by lying on a mat on the floor. Throughout, the work is done below the level of sensations of stretch or strain, and you pace yourself, so the lessons are safe and effective for people of a wide range of abilities.

What people have said recently:

Thank you for a great class last night, it was very relaxing!  I had sciatica down my left leg and hip for most of the day yesterday, but by the end of your class it had subsided quite a bit!

Thank you for that gentle yet powerful class. It had a good effect on the numbness I have been experiencing this past couple of months in my feet.

Dr. Feldenkrais wrote,
There is an essential difference between consciousness and awareness although the borders are not clear in our use of language. I can walk up the stairs of my house, fully conscious of what I am doing, and yet not know how many steps I have climbed. In order to know how many steps there are I must climb them a second time, pay attention, listen to myself, and count them. Awareness is consciousness together with a realization of what is happening within it or what is going on within ourselves while we are conscious. (Awareness Through Movement, P 50)
Again, he saw the necessity to do the action, the movement, "... a second time... pay attention... listen to myself and ... (count them)". Thus there is an aspect of reflection, moving and attending to the experience, and intending to remember. This is what we are developing in these classes.