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We use Zoom Conferencing technology which has proven to be very easy to install and is very stable.

When you sign-up you will receive directions on how to install and use Zoom.

Feeling down, isolated, anxious? Or just a little flat, or low energy?

Or, feeling a need to connect with your self?

These times with all the uncertainty from the COVID pandemic leads to a depth of uncertainty that is new for many of us, leading to feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and so on.

Classes in the Feldenkrais Method help ease these feelings so that you feel more energy, physically and mentally to handle life's events.

Whether you have cranky hips, stiff low back, grumbling shoulders, complaining jaws, touchy toes, you will find something in each class that eases your discomfort and gives you a sense of optimism.

In this class you will discover new ways for the possibilities of movement to begin to flow from your center, along your limbs, to your hands and feet. Experience the possibility of moving with comfort and ease.
There is also the option of receiving the recording from the class for an additional small fee.
Again, pre-register at left.

What to Wear. whatever you like!

Ensure you have layers of clothes -- during the class your temperature may drop a bit, and you can feel cooler.

Have something to lie on. Not so comfortable that you will fall asleep - avoid your bed.

Have Pillows or Towels handy. It is often helpful to have supports under the neck, arms or legs, according to your needs -- so you are not distracted by pain or discomfort.