Awareness Through Movement,

Concepts are not Reality

  Can you find the Figures?

Sometimes I think of my Feldenkrais practice as looking between the obvious structures.

Can we say that the figures are not there just because there is no solid object?

It is a bit the same as our talking about the Nervous System, and systems thinking, in general. (click to read a bit more)

Crooked - A Great Book to read, to gift/re-gift

Fariya Doctor, a practitioner in St. Catherines, ON, writes,

"Caroline came to me after reading the book “Crooked". Like the author, Caroline had suffered on and off with back pain for decades. Reading this book was a real revelation for Caroline." Read more about Caroline's remarkable discoveries with Fariya.

The inspiration for Crooked emerged from the personal experience of Cathryn Jakobson Ramin. She writes, "I’d struggled with backache and sciatica for years. Like millions of other back pain sufferers, I was overwhelmed with ill-defined options for treatment. Which would work?"

What is great is she gives the Feldenkrais Method a thumbs up! Read the summary in the New York Times.

Crooked - A Great Book!

The inspiration for Crooked emerged from the personal experience of Cathryn Jakobson Ramin. She writes, "I’d struggled with backache and sciatica for years. Like millions of other back pain sufferers, I was overwhelmed with ill-defined options for treatment. Which would work?"

What is great is she gives the Feldenkrais Method a thumbs up! Read the summary in the New York Times.

Get a New Swing

An octogenarian with thirty-nine year of military service, Max walked daily for one to two hours with Gael, his standard poodle. Post-retirement, he'd taken up golf, playing at a local course in a senior’s league where the minimum age was sixty.
Max suggested to his Feldenkrais practitioner to run a class for golfers from Jack Heggie’s CD set, Total Body Golf. He posted a few flyers with the silhouette of a man swinging a golf club beneath the title, "New Country for Old Men…Movement Lessons for Men over Fifty." Max showed up with a golf club in hand for the inaugural class. Two weeks later..
[Click to read how this Golf class became so much more]

Hands On Demo

Stephanie Menase, a practitioner in Paris, has created a delightful 15-minute summary of an individual Feldenkrais lesson, which we call Functional Integration. She used a doll to highlight a lesson with a 55-year old man. the changes that the man experiences are highlighted by the use of the doll. (click to read more)

Low Back Ease- Online Lesson

Low Back Ease, Increase Your Balance, and more

I recorded a new free lesson for finding low back ease which I call "The Stork". It is available on my website.

Stand at your counter, workbench, or table and find ways for your discomfort to melt away. 
Although the initial recording is 25 minutes, you will quickly find ways to do mini-versions during the day. For example, while chopping vegetables, if you find you back is getting stiff, you can stop for just a moment and do a small part of it. 
Or, after an intense hour on the computer, you may find your neck becoming stiff -- you can stand beside your computer desk (or better yet, someplace even more pleasant), and do a few of the movements.

Follow this link to listen to the lesson



  'Mindfulness' is everywhere these days and often associated with a sitting meditation practice. Another avenues for exploring mindfulness is the Feldenkrais Method®. Marsha Novak gives an overview of the mindful practices in the Feldenkrais Method. 

In the same issue, Seth Dellinger writes about how "creativity is one of the central components of the experience of being human".

Margot Schaal writes that the essential aspect of being human is the ability to make decisions. Whether it be when to turn the head, or which path to take to work, or larger life decisions.

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Move with Grace & Ease

A beautiful video created in Italy is available worldwide for our appreciation. Francesco Fabiano of Genova, Italy has produced a masterful experience, with the timing and colours of a renaissance masterpiece! There is no dialogue, only sparse phrases (in Italian) so everyone can enjoy. [Click to view]v.

Moving from the Inside Out

7 Principles for Ease and Mastery in Movement

-A Feldenkrais Approach

By Julie Peck, Lesley McLennan
Seven powerful principles for better, more easeful movement – a Feldenkrais approach. More often than not, we move through life focused on results or where we’re going, rarely paying attention to how we move until we experience pain or need to learn a new skill or perform at an elite level. But movement isn’t just about getting things done or getting from here to there: at its essence, it’s an integration of thinking, sensing, and feeling with action such that to change one part changes the whole.
This book is written for those times when we don’t need quick fixes, bandaids, or shortcuts to solve an immediate problem, but can instead dedicate time and attention to explore, laying the foundation to become experts in our own body and movement patterns for long-lasting positive growth. Moving from the Inside Out shows us how to resolve complex movement issues, balance stability and instability, increase power and precision, and explore our own movement using innate learning strategies.
Written for practitioners, movement therapists, and somatic teachers and students, the curious athlete or casual learner will also find much to gain in learning the practical and accessible fundamentals of movement. Authors Lesley McLennan and Julie Peck introduce seven core principles that address:
  • The dynamic balance between instability and stability
  • How to move with ease and grace
  • The secrets of flexibility and support embedded in every musculo-skeletal system
  • How anxiety and curiosity shape our individual developmental sequence
  • How qualities of movement are clues for your investigation
  • The special role of intra-abdominal pressure in our physical and emotional worlds
  • How moving and learning are entwined


“This is a delightful book, full of practical exercises and convincing stories about how to get to know yourself better from the inside—and the inestimable benefits that result if you do. I found it fascinating and enlightening, and you will too.” —Guy Claxton, author of Intelligence in the Flesh
“Moving from the Inside Out is an exciting and lucid presentation of the potent ideas behind the practice of the Feldenkrais Method. A central theme of the text is the pivotal role that how we move plays in our overall health. The authors create an inviting, multifaceted narrative, using stories, theory, and movement experiments that quickly engage the reader. Moving From the Inside Out provides a wonderful new introduction to the Feldenkrais Method, and at the same time its themes will be relevant to a wide variety of health professionals.” —Elizabeth Beringer, Feldenkrais Trainer and editor of Embodied Wisdom

About the Authors
LESLEY MCLENNAN has had a diverse background through teaching, performance, arts administration, and philanthropy. The unifying themes of movement and accessibility have linked each stage in her professional career. McLennan initiated the webinars on Organising Principles that have been the foundation of this book.

JULIE PECK is an internationally respected educational director of Feldenkrais professional training programs (FPTPs). Her annual schedule has her crossing the world to teach, present workshops, and mentor, between weeks at home working in her practice. Her passion is creating learning environments through which students can discover their full potential.

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Parkinsons and Tango

 Parkinsons De-Tangled

Somehow, when a person with Parkinson's Disease begins to follow the rhythm in dance (such as the Tango), the shuffling gait smooths out and graceful, easy movements emerge. This video shows wonderful examples.

Pelvic Health

A new video with Dr. Deborah Bowes describes her CD series, Pelvic Health and Awareness,how the series helps a variety of urinary and related problems, including increased sexual function.

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Shoulder Movements

Curious about the movements of the bones of the shoulder. In this simulation of the movements of the shoulder girdle. you can see the major bones and how they articulate. (This was created in 2007). Click on the image to run the video.


Some Distance from Your Body

"Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.” – James Joyce
Marsha Novak writes, "What I typically do, especially in individual sessions, is help folks of all ages and abilities with movement related problems. The key – and this brings us back to Mr. Duffy – is to help people truly live in their bodies.
How does Marsha do this? Click to read further.

Spring Into Your Life

Get the kinks out, feel more ready for life! The Tuesday evening class resumes April 3. We will find ways to increase comfort in joints - ankles, wrists, elbows, the jaw...

This continues the themes from earlier this year. Whether you have cranky hips, stiff low back, grumbling shoulders, complaining jaws, touchy toes, you will find something in each class that eases your discomfort. 
Tuesday evenings, 7pm. starting April 3, at the Calgary Jewish Centre.