Concepts are not Reality

  Can you find the Figures?

Sometimes I think of my Feldenkrais practice as looking between the obvious structures.

Can we say that the figures are not there just because there is no solid object?

It is a bit the same as our talking about the Nervous System, and systems thinking, in general. (click to read a bit more)


  'Mindfulness' is everywhere these days and often associated with a sitting meditation practice. Another avenues for exploring mindfulness is the Feldenkrais Method®. Marsha Novak gives an overview of the mindful practices in the Feldenkrais Method. 

In the same issue, Seth Dellinger writes about how "creativity is one of the central components of the experience of being human".

Margot Schaal writes that the essential aspect of being human is the ability to make decisions. Whether it be when to turn the head, or which path to take to work, or larger life decisions.

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Parkinsons and Tango

 Parkinsons De-Tangled

Somehow, when a person with Parkinson's Disease begins to follow the rhythm in dance (such as the Tango), the shuffling gait smooths out and graceful, easy movements emerge. This video shows wonderful examples.