Learn the Principles of Somatic Practice

Learn the Principles of Somatic Practice

Many helping disciplines are imbedding techniques for somatics in their practice because they have found to be so effective.

Through understanding the fundamental principles, a therapist can effectively modify protocols in many therapeutic techniques to benefit their clients.

Techniques of Somatic Practice include:


* Tapping

* Relaxation techniques

* Breathing practices

* Anxiety protocols

* Trauma therapies

* Neurological re-education

* Somatic yoga

* Critical Alignment Therapy

* Pilates

* Many techniques in Physiotherapy

* Dance Therapy

* Play Therapy


* Hypnosis

* Somatic dance practices



The Feldenkrais Method provides a framework for understanding the fundamental principles that produce such effective results.

How to learn more:

A first step can be joining an ongoing Awareness Through Movement class. In the class you will begin the first steps of learning -- that is, attending to yourself.

Another excellent step is to have a series of Functional Integration lessons. In these one-on-one sessions, you will have more personalized attention to learning how you limit yourself, and learn how to find new pathways for ease.

Many people find a multi-day workshop deeply rewarding

Finally, to be able to learn the specifics and understand how to apply them, come to a Feldenkrais Professional Teacher Training



The hand as the human outer brain

Margaret Kaye of Australia has a deep understanding about increasing loast function in the hand. . She has generously shared with us her extensive article about working with three people with difficulties with their hands: a 6-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy, a computer worker with frozen shoulder, and a musician with focal dystonia.