The individual sessions are

  • usually one hour in length
  • best repeated at least once per week

Booking your session(s) (click to book online )

Initial booking:  Plan on 15 minutes discussion then 30-45 minutes of work

If returning after more than 6 months, plan on 15 minutes discussion then 30-45 minutes of work

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Functional Integration®The one-on-one sessions are called FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION®. These sessions are a very special experience. Some people have told me they have remembered a session for years.

You learn how to learn from your body. You learn the means to take charge of your own care and improvement. When you help yourself, the results are not just remedial. You begin a continuing process of change -- shifting out of old habits and into useful new ones.

The lesson stays with you for a considerable length of time. Right after the lesson you will feel the greatest difference. Often that evening a person will find that they are tired and have deep sleep. The following day people often report that they feel their body accommodating to the new way of moving.

The FELDENKRAIS Method does not require weeks or months to show results. You notice changes after (or even during) your first session.

The Method is not an exercise. But it enhances any form of exercise, making it easier and more efficient and enjoyable. If you already perform at a high level, FELDENKRAIS will help you maximize your ability.




What to Expect

Imagine yourself free of your normal constraints in moving. See yourself walking gracefully and with ease or sitting calmly. Consider feeling that you can do any of your regular activities with the least effort.

When you come to your sessions, you wear comfortable, loose clothes. During the session, you find that you will want to put aside bulky things in your pockets, heavy belts, long earrings, glasses and hair bands.

At the beginning of each session, you can discuss with your FELDENKRAIS practitioner any thoughts, ideas and learnings since the previous session. You may also want to identify any aches and pains that the practitioner should know about and the movements you are interested in doing better this session. This will be the primary focus for the session.

During each session you will spend much of the time lying in a comfortable position and the practitioner will help you do a number of small, easy movements. Often little is said during the session. However, sometimes your practitioner will talk with you, bringing your awareness to certain aspects of how you move, or how your movements have changed during the session. At other times, your practitioner will verbally guide you though a movement sequence.

Near the end of the session, you will sit up. Your practitioner may spend some time with some gentle movement sequences while you sit.

Then you will stand and have an opportunity to walk around and familiarize yourself with your new "you". You can then evaluate how much of you objectives had been met.