Stephanie Menase, a practitioner in Paris, has created a delightful 15-minute summary of an individual Feldenkrais lesson, which we call Functional Integration. She used a doll to highlight a lesson with a 55-year old man. the changes that the man experiences are highlighted by the use of the doll.

She writes,

This short film illustrates how a Feldenkrais practitioner proceeds in an individual session; he seeks, in interaction with the person (for the film, it is a doll that serves as a subject), to promote new skills by creating learning conditions by the sensory-motor way, mainly.

The film highlights the nature of the interaction, the processes of observation and the type of investigation from which the lesson is elaborated, the possible effects felt (more, better, differently), the place of the sensitive experience in this project, the behavior of the student, the quality of the practitioner's touch, the importance of certain devices. 

The original version was been recorded in French (april 2018).

Tags: Feldenkrais, pain, Awareness Through Movement,, total body